Whatsapp and MMS - Girl Tips
Whatsapp and MMS messaging has finally struck the global consciousness and the girls of the world are hitting the walls to get that well laid guy. Whatsapp and MMS send friend requests with the newest texting and with the most popular lines from The Office and Friends. A girl is even choosing their messages to say nice things and cute little sayings or even something a little risque. Nowhere, is it more difficult to catch the attention of a guy than in MMS.
Whatsapp and MMS have swept the imagination of young women across the world. They can even flirt while waiting for the boy they like to respond. The few things girls have to remember when sending messages on MMS is to keep it romantic and not to say too much.
Girls can even send sexy jokes to guys and be caught by men and other girls that are online while the man plays on the internet. This way they get a confirmation that the man they have the interest is really interested.
Girls can even tell to the man that she's worried that the message might be on the friend request line that another girl sends and the man replies that he's busy. So it would be best for the girls to use whatsapp in order to keep them safe.
This can work wonders on the man's mind and may create a friendship for the couple if they meet face to face. They may even think about changing their minds and that way they can maintain the friendship that they once had.
If a girl has to stay away from a special one then she can show her patience at the same time be a girl to keep the friendship intact. Girls just have to be patient and follow a few simple rules of MMS.
Many girls have been getting more cautious of their language in MMS. This can be due to many reasons. Girls should remember that no man can read the meaning behind the whatsapp messages.
A girl should try to be honest to her MMS messages and keep the language polite and respectful. They may even enjoy the exchange when the man can read between the lines. After all it's a funny and sweet idea to make friends with another person. Girls can also leave their name in the message.
Many men love to catch that just-missed feeling, the giggle, the guy that left his number in her MMS and he just texted about when he's free or after school or even to dinner. The biggest question is what was in the message that men were left behind.

It is very important to make a man realize that there are just not any of the common girls mobile number for friendship. Most men don't expect that a girl will be calling or sending him a message that includes a big smile and picture that include the two of them.
MMS has just changed the landscape of the world's friendship and it has certainly brought the world a new side of the smiling faces. Girls of the world now have something to fall back on if they want to have a casual, well laid friendship with a man.
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